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Scratch Card Printing
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Scratch Card Printing

Scratch cards may seem like an old fashioned marketing device. Scratch cards are after all just simple cards with a square of foil that can be scratched off by the consumer to reveal information hidden underneath. Businesses should not be fooled by the old fashioned nature of scratch cards, though.

For consumers exposed daily to a barrage of commercials and advertisements competing for their attention, scratch cards can effectively differentiate one campaign from another and create the all-important tangible link between a customer and the object being promoted.

In order to work effectively, however, scratch cards need to be well made. A scratch card campaign will quickly fail if the cards are of lower quality and the foil is constantly peeling off on its own.

Businesses know that Tele-Pak, Inc.'s scratch card printing service makes some of the best scratch cards on the market. Tele-Pak, Inc.'s experienced and talented staff is ready to work with businesses on strategies to use scratch cards to add an exciting boost to any marketing campaign.

Scratch cards can be used successfully in a wide range of marketing campaigns, from merchandise promotions and incentive programs. Using Tele-Pak, Inc.'s scratch card printing service to create attractive scratch-and-win cards, businesses can attract new customers and increase customer loyalty. And increased customers means increased sales.

Scratch cards can also be used to promote specific events, such as a store opening, a trade show, or a fundraising campaign. When used in conjunction with specific events, scratch cards can be used to increase the level of excitement surrounding the event. More customers will be willing to visit a new store when they know they will be given the opportunity to walk away a winner!

Using Tele-Pak, Inc.'s scratch card printing services in connection with a direct mail campaign will improve the campaign's success rate. Consumers will be less likely to toss the direct mail aside with only a cursory glance if there is a foil square they can scratch away. Scratch cards can provide an incentive for potential customers to take a second look at your direct mail.

Tele-Pak, Inc. is an established industry leader in scratch card printing with a reputation for quality products. Talk with Tele-Pak, Inc.'s staff and look at our products, and you will see why Tele-Pak, Inc. is considered one of the printing industry's top providers of scratch card printing services.

The experienced staff at Tele-Pak, Inc. can assist you from start to finish when using its scratch card printing services. Indeed, Tele-Pak, Inc. is not just a printer. The staff at Tele-Pak, Inc. has been involved in countless marketing campaigns, and is able and willing to provide advice and services at every stage of production, from design to delivery.

Many people in the marketing industry are constantly pushing for new, innovating marketing tools. They claim that if it's not on the Internet, it's not going to work. Nothing on the Internet, however, can replace the tangible connection businesses can make with a customer as they excitedly scratch away at your scratch-and-win advertisement with a coin, knowing that they might be a winner. Despite the rise of on-line marketing campaigns, scratch cards remain an excellent way to attract positive attention to your product or event.

Tele-Pak, Inc.'s scratch card printing service will produce high quality scratch cards at a very competitive price. Combine this with Tele-Pak, Inc.'s proven experience in scratch card printing, and you can rest assured that Tele-Pak, Inc. is the perfect partner for your scratch card marketing campaign.

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