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Plastic Cards
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Plastic Cards

Plastic cards have been a staple in direct marketing and retail for over two decades. Though marketing has changed considerably with the advent of the Internet, plastic cards remain an integral part of marketing and retail.

Plastic cards are used for a variety of purposes because they are cost-effective, eye catching and durable. When researching plastic cards, businesses are looking for reliable, affordable, high quality plastic cards and plastic card printing services .

Tele-Pak, Inc., is considered an industry innovator that consistently improves the process and quality of plastic cards to producer better plastic cards faster. Whether the plastic cards needed are to be printed in one color, or brilliant full color, using 4-color process, Tele-Pak, Inc., offers the highest quality service, reliability and pricing.

Tele-Pak, Inc., is proud to offer the same high quality service whether a client is ordering 250 business cards, of 1,000,000 plastic gift cards. Providing this level of service, quality and reliability is what has set Tele-Pak, Inc., apart from the competition.

Offering services ranging from card design and fulfillment from conception to completion, many businesses rely on the expertise of Tele-Pak, Inc., to assist in their direct marketing needs using plastic cards.

The talented staff at Tele-Pak, Inc. creates custom solutions for every client in order to maximize your return on investment. By investing in research and development, Tele-Pak, Inc. is able to continuously innovate in order to decrease production costs while increasing quality resulting better quality plastic cards at better pricing than ever before.

Though competition in the plastic cards industry comes and goes, the reliability and reputation of Tele-Pak, Inc. makes Tele-Pak the first choice of many businesses looking to use plastic cards for their marketing needs.

Tele-Pak offers a complete line of products including plastic cards. Whether you know exactly what you need and are ready to place an order, or whether you need assistance in conceptualizing the plastic cards, Tele-Pak., Inc. is the premier source for plastic cards.

Marketing has changed dramatically in recent years, but some things remain constant - the value of direct marketing through the use of high quality plastic cards is a cost-effective marketing strategy that many businesses rely on.

Where other marketing strategies have a low return on investment, plastic cards are considered by many industries to offer a high return on investment. Couple that fact with the quality and pricing of Tele-Pak, Inc. and you will see why many leading businesses turn to Tele-Pak for their plastic cards needs.

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