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The JAVA card is a high-security, multi-application, open platform JAVA card. Multiple applets developed using the JAVA can be loaded and executed on the JAVA card effectively making the JAVA card a multi-application (e.g. EMV and SIM) card. Card issuers now have the ease and flexibility to develop their own applications and download them onto the JAVA card for service deployment.

Apart from ease of application development, card issuers will have greater ease and flexibility in managing card applications using the JAVA card. Being able to add, delete, enable and disable applications on their own has never been easier!

The JAVA card being a flexible product can be used in a variety of fields e.g. GSM (SIM), 3G (USIM), Finance (EMV), PKI, E-Commerce, E-Government or secure access card etc. Card issuers can use the JAVA card to significantly shorten card application development cycles and this results in faster response times and quicker time-to-market of applications and services.

JAVA Card Functional Description:
JAVA card complies with the following international
standards and requirements:
ISO/IEC 7816-1:1987,7816-2:1988,7816-3:1989
GSM 11.11 version 8.6.0 (Release 1999)
GSM 11.14 version 8.6.0 (Release 1999)
GSM 03.40 version 7.4.0 (Release 1998)
GSM 03.48 version 8.6.0 (Release 1999)
GSM 03.19 version 7.5.0
Java Card 2.1.1 Application Programming Interface
Java Card 2.1.1 Virtual Machine Specification
Java Card 2.1.1 Runtime Environment (JCRE) Specification
Global Platform Card Specification Version 2.1

JAVA Card Series:

The JAVA SIM card is a SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card for GSM networks. Aside from supporting all the functions of a Phase 2+ STK (SIM application Toolkit) card, developing STK applications on the JAVA SIM card is now more convenient and requires less time as compared to a standard SIM card. This is due to the OPEN Platform features and strong security aspects of the JAVA language. JAVA SIM supports RFM (Remote File Management), data security, speed enhancement and anti-cloning functions. The product is highly secure, efficient, easy to manage and provides many possibilities for supporting various applications. The JAVA SIM Card Series is also available in various memory configurations.

JAVA SIM Functional Description:
JAVA SIM supports the following:
All the functions of a GSM Phase 2+ STK card and capable of a wide variety of IOD (Information-On Demand) and STK applications Super Phonebook, Group SMS, Multi-IMSI, Enhanced Phonebook, Personalized Menu and Mobile Banking etc. Supports RFM (Remote File Management) Various authentication algorithms like COMP128-V1, V2, V3, V0(see note), XOR. Proprietaryalgorithms defined by operator can also be provisioned into the product 's unique cardACS (see note) security technology. Authentication counter, anti-cloning and cloning detection features. These features cause extreme difficulty for hacking by cloning tools.

Various popular encryption algorithms and data integrity mechanisms like DES, 3DES, PBOC and MAC.

Note: V0 is a authentication algorithm with enhanced security defined by China Mobile (CMCC).
CardACS: Our unique next-generation SIM card security technology.
CardDPS-II: Our unique second-generation data security technology which intelligently prevents loss and damage of SIM data. This prevents loss of data and prolongs the usage lifespan of the SIM card

Technical Specifications:

Note: Maximum user space refers to the remaining space in the card after configuring
the essential GSM files and with ADN/SMS configured to 100/20 recordsrespectively
on the 32K/64K/128K cards.

JAVA SIM is ideal for GSM operators who wish to rollout valueadded applications and services e.g. STK, Multi-IMSI, IOD etc via the SIM cards. World renowned mobile operators like China Mobile and China Unicom have once again relied on the Java SIM to provide information-on-demand, mobile banking and location-based services under their Monternet, M-Zone, Unicom Online service brands.

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