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The Dual-Mode card is a User Identity Module that can be used for both GSM and CDMA networks. Combining advanced technology of STK (SIM Toolkit) card and R-UIM (Removable User Identity Module) standards, developed this ground-breaking product that can be used for CDMA and GSM networks.
This product comes equipped with UTK functions that can also give users access to value-added services. Being available in 32K and 64K memory configurations allows mobile operators to use these cards for their different customer segments.
The Dual-Mode card can work in GSM 900/1800 networks and also in 800 MHz and 1900 MHz CDMA networks. Mobile operators will find this product useful for deploying a wide variety of exciting value-added services.

Functional Description:
Dual-Mode card complies with the following international standards and requirements:
SO/IEC 7816-1:1987,7816-2:1988,7816-3:1989
GSM 11.11 version 8.3.0 (Release 1999)
GSM 11.14 version 8.3.0 (Release 1999)
China Unicom 800MHz CDMA Network Technical Requirement for UIM (Enhanced Version Volume 1)
China Unicom 800MHz CDMA Network Technical Requirement for UIM (Enhanced Version Volume 2)
TIA/EIA-95-B Mobile Station-Base Station Compatibility Standard for Dual-Mode Spread Spectrum Systems
TIA/EIA/IS-683-A Over-the-Air Service Provisioning of Mobile Stations in Spread Spectrum Systems

Dual-Mode cards support the following:
GSM and CDMA network authentication and being able to work in both GSM and CDMA networks
CDMA Dual-Mode technical requirements and satisfies all Dual-Mode applications
CAVE, COMP128-V1/V2/V3 and other proprietary authentication algorithms
's unique cardDPS-II (see note) data security technology to ensure no loss of user data and help prolong the usage lifespan of the SIM card.
Various popular encryption algorithms and data integrity mechanisms like DES, 3DES, PBOC and MAC.
Widespread compatibility with various with handsets of different brands

Note: CardDPS-II: Our unique second-generation data security technology which can intelligently prevents the loss and damage of secure data in the card.

Technical Specifications:

Note: The figures above are generic data gathered under normal working environments
ADN/SMS configurations are for reference use only.
Maximum User Space refers to the remaining space left in the card after setting ADN, SMS, and other essential GSM files.
The ADN/SMS configuration is set at 200/40 records for both the 32K and 64K capacities

Deployment Experience:
The Dual-Mode card allows CDMA mobile operators to give its subscribers the flexibility and convenience when roaming to GSM networks.
Dual-Mode card has been widely used by many CDMA operators worldwide like China Mobile and PT Telkom (Indonesia).

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