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Security Mission Statement

Maintaining established Security requirements is an essential part of the TP business strategy.

Strict compliance standards have been established to protect TP 's creative and unique processes and all products and property against loss and threats.

The highest level of Security Compliance is maintained for all customer accounts and will be consistently managed.

Security tasks shall be viewed as an asset and will be managed like any other company asset and resource. It is the policy of TP to assure the integrity and accountability of all products, operational functions and the confidentiality of the company and customer information. This is essential for the success of our business and is required for the protection of both TP and its customers' interests.

Facility Access Policy & Indentification Cards:

Identification and security access cards for all TP employees (full-time, part-time, and temporary) will be issued during the new hire orientation period by security personnel. The security access cards are programmed to allow only authorized employees from entering through designated doors during normal business hours and off-hours while maintaining full perimeter security of the building(s). Employees must use their security access cards for entering and exiting the facility. Failure to do so will result in loosing access through a designed "no-forgiveness pass-back access rule." (Pass-back rule: the computer logs the person entering the building into the security system and follows the employee's access security card. If the employee leaves or enters the facility without using the access card, the computer will not allow the user re-access to the facility.) When an employee terminates from employment with TP , the security access card will be immediately deactivated through the security access computer.

Security Policies:

TP has established strict defined minimum hiring criteria that all new temporary and permanent employees must pass before being allowed employment. Minimum hiring criteria includes a background criminal check of the past seven years, a search for past alias names, drug testing and a pre-employment physical.

All TP employees and contractors must sign a Confidentiality Agreement, stating that no company information, including all manufacturing processes, research and development data, customer lists, etc., will be copied or removed from the workplace at anytime. All misappropriated company information, including theft of property, will be handled as willful and malicious and will be subject to civil penalties.

TP has adopted a search policy in which any or all persons, baggage, and containers entering or exiting the facility will be subject to inspection.

Employees are not allowed to have personal belongings in the production areas. This includes lunch containers, coats, baggage, and purses. All personal items are to be kept in issued lockers.

TP has adopted a Drug and Alcohol Policy which requires all employees and contractors to arrive at the work site, whether at the facility or at job-site locations, in a sober and reliable state. They must be free of alcohol and/or controlled substances and remain free of such substances while on the job.

TP also reserves the right to randomly test any employee or contractor who seems impaired and receives or causes an accident or injury while on TP property or job-site during the course of their employment.

All visitors, customers and vendors must sign in at the receptionist desk where they will be issued a visitor badge. Visitors must wear badges, which must be visible at all times, while in the facility and must be escorted at all times.

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