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Drawing on 25 years of experience in the printing and packaging business, our knowledge, technical know how and creative problem solving, make for a formidable combination of talents working on your behalf. We are united in our goal of producing unique printed products and ensuring that they reach your customer ASAP.

Tele-Pak Card Printing, Inc. is one of the largest ultraviolet (UV) printing companies in the nation with its plant in Minneapolis. We are problem solvers with a can-do attitude dedicated to delivering the highest quality graphics and the latest in print technologies to our customers. All of our customers are treated individually with the complete support of our staff, to provide innovative solutions for your printing needs. Our staff ranges from sales and customer service, to creative, manufacturing, and fulfillment. We all work together to complete your program with the united goal of pleasing your customers and turning your project into a success.

Tele-Pak Card Printing, Inc. is an established leader in the printing field, which means you will benefit from our unparalleled collective experience. We have made a name for ourselves in the Point-of-Purchase, Trading Card, Phone Card, OEM and Specialty Printing/Premium Industries as a quality leader. These industries place an extremely high value on the visual aspects of their products and demand nothing but the highest quality printing and service. Some of Tele-Pak’s top customers in these markets include Fortune 100 corporations.

We can provide you with the quality and service that your customers have come to expect from your name. That means that there will be no question in regards to the product quality that Tele-Pak Card Printing, Inc. provides to you and you can focus completely on your customers. Our strong responsiveness and cooperation are part of the Tele-Pak corporate culture. Our desire to service customers and our almost fanatical devotion to quality give Tele-Pak employees a problem-solving attitude and the empowerment to make positive changes on the customer’s behalf.

Tele-Pak Card Printing, Inc. pushes technological advancement to the limits and provides innovative leadership in all aspects of pre-press and printing which means you will get the cutting edge, highest quality, and most cost-effective products. We are strongly committed to research and development. The future of the printing industry is influenced by rapidly changing technological innovations. Because of this, we are dedicated to investing in new technologies, new equipment, and the testing of new substrates and new ink systems. We focus our efforts on seeking out and pioneering new technologies with demonstrated cost savings and quality improvements.

Tele-Pak Card Printing, Inc. engineered the development of such products as a two-sided offset printed removable adhesive. We perfected the printing on flexible vinyl with UV inks. And, working with our suppliers, we pioneered the development of the CDXtra material, which provides a major increase in the quality and durability of the pre-paid phone and debit card products.

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