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Magnetic Stripe Cards
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Magnetic Stripe Cards Magnetic stripe cards are used everywhere in modern society. They can be found on items as diverse as Credit cards, debit cards, employee badges, government identification cards, public transport passes, train tickets, customer loyalty cards, gift cards and express payment cards.

Given the importance magnetic stripe cards can play in a business' internal security, marketing campaign, or payment system, it is obvious that businesses need to use a card provider that understands their needs and is ready to meet them in a professional, cost-effective and timely manner. Since it is so important to find a good provider, businesses often turn to Tele-Pak, Inc. as their first choice.

Tele-Pak, Inc. leads the industry in the development of high-quality magnetic stripe cards. Businesses trust their most highly sensitive security cards to Tele-Pak, Inc., confident that Tele-Pak, Inc.'s established standards of quality will ensure a secure workplace. Similarly, businesses that rely on magnetic stripe cards to support valuable customer loyalty programs know that Tele-Pak, Inc. will only produce cards that can be counted on to work every time.

Tele-Pak, Inc.'s commitment to quality sets it apart from its competition. Businesses can rest easy knowing that Tele-Pak, Inc is assisting them in their security plan or marketing campaign.

The magnetic stripe cards produced by Tele-Pak, Inc. are valuable to modern businesses primarily because they have the potential to hold so much more information than would be possible on a normal plastic card without a magnetic stripe.

As opposed to a normal plastic card, where all the information has to be printed on the face of the card, magnetic stripe cards have a magnetic stripe on them made of iron-based magnetic particles that can hold large amounts of information. When the card is swiped through a reader, the information encoded in the stripe can be transferred to an attached computer.

This also means that the information encoded on the card's magnetic stripe can be read automatically and quickly. Unlike a normal plastic card, the information found on magnetic stripe cards does not need to be recorded manually. This can result in huge costs savings for businesses that switch over to magnetic stripe cards.

Another important reason for using magnetic stripe cards from Tele-Pak, Inc. is that, depending on the software used to encode the card, the information stored on the card can be protected by security measures.

With a normal plastic card, as long as an unauthorized party has possession of the card, he or she can read whatever information is present on the card. Access to the information on the card, however, can be limited. One common method of limiting access to sensitive information, for instance, it to require the use of a password or other encrypted interface that is only available on authorized card readers before displaying the protected information. The enhanced security function of magnetic stripe cards is essential if the cards are used to contain personal information.

No matter what industry you are in, you will likely rely on magnetic stripe cards for some part of your business. The technology is pervasive in modern society, and for good reason: it is cheap and effective. Your reliance on this simple technology can be your downfall, however, if you do not pick a dependable provider. Avoid the cost consequences of going with an inexperienced printer, and talk to Tele-Pak, Inc. about how it can improve your business.

Whatever your reason for using magnetic stripe cards, Tele-Pak, Inc.'s experienced staff can walk you through the design and printing process. The employees at Tele-Pak, Inc. are ready to help you sort through its complete line of design options and security features to pick the best card for your needs and budget.
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